On Dreams

I just woke up from a rather horrible set of dreams. I believe that all dreams are real in some regard. I do not believe that they are things concocted by our own brains solely for our own use; if I meet in a dream someone I know in waking reality, I tend to think that there is the possibility, at least, that I have actually connected with and communicated with that person, if only on the soul level.

Therefore, if I encounter a disturbing situation in a dream, especially where people are doing bad things to other people, and especially if those bad things are being done to me, I ask myself about the meaning. I don’t always get good answers from myself. But this morning, I thought to tune in to my spirit friends and ask them to comment, especially since I had received some information last week that I thought might be related to the dreams. As soon as I did, I got the following reply, which I am recording as accurately as I can remember.

“When we dream, we venture into many realities. Some are our own and belong to us; others are realities that we are just visiting. Those that are our own reflect our own truths; those that belong to others, while still reflecting truths, do not necessarily reflect our truths unless we wish to accept them.”

This was just a brief reply, but it was very reassuring. If you want to hear more about my theories and experiences with dreams, I would be happy to write up a post for my Web site. Just let me know.


About marinamichaels

Clear and compassionate psychic, excellent writer, empathetic mother, card-carrying genius, humble and modest to boot. What else can I say? To me, loving everyone and everything without losing sight of reality is vital.
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