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An Easy Way to Stop Junk Mail and Help the Environment

You can help the environment by reducing or stopping junk mail and by planting trees. Find out more in this post. Continue reading

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Audio Files of Channeling

I finally have posted some audio files of one night’s session of channeling from a while ago. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Not All Animal Rescue Societies Truly Rescue

Some animal rescue societies cannot be trusted. Here’s one that can be, and that is worth donating to. Continue reading

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A Turkey Visitor Provides Food for Thought

When animals come to call, what messages are they bringing? A recent visit from a turkey provides food for thought. Continue reading

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The Simply True Show

I recently designed and edited Ingrid Katal’s book, What is Your Honor Code? Ingrid is starting a talk show soon, called “The Simply True Show.” This show is connected with Oprah, so many people will see her and her book, … Continue reading

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