The Ancient Origin of the Roma People

The majority of this article is psychically received information about the origin of the Roma people. The Roma were historically referred to as “Gypsies” because it was thought (erroneously) that they came originally from Egypt. (Their origins as far as blood lines and language roots can be traced were from the Indian subcontinent, probably the Punjab area.)

In providing this information, I do not intend in any way to offend the Roma. The Roma are an ancient and honorable people who have been much persecuted through the centuries, usually for simply being different. In addition to the estimated 6 million Jews who died in the Nazi Holocaust in World War II, a large number of Roma were also slain in the same manner by the Nazis. (Along with many other people because of their religion, origin, or sexual orientation.) Throughout time, many other countries have practiced (and continue to practice) their own forms of harassment and genocide against the Roma, such as laws against Roma marrying Roma, forced sterilization, and so on. None of this is acceptable or right.

The information I received psychically presents a very different perspective on the antiquity of the Roma, placing their origins as a distinct people sometime between 11,000 and 12,000 years ago (and even then, their bloodline and heritage go much further back than that). If any Roma read this post and find anything offensive about it, please let me know so that I may correct what is offensive.


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One Response to The Ancient Origin of the Roma People

  1. Teresa Wright says:

    Yes I am a Roma my Grandfather lived the life but his children did not.

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