Now Accepting New Clients for Psychic Readings

For all of those of you who have written to me and asked if I am accepting new clients for psychic readings, I am happy to announce that yes, I am!

You can read more about my readings (and how to arrange one with me) here:

I hope I can be of service to you. I am discreet and compassionate; without judgment, I can help you find the information you need to make any changes you wish to make, or help you understand where you are now and what your choices are. I have an excellent understanding of work situations all the way up to and including the executive level. I also understand relationships (love, family, friendship, etc.) and can shed light on situations of any kind. For a more complete list of the different ways in which my readings can help, see my description of my readings.

In addition, I have started to post audio files from channelings I’ve done in the past. You can find links to the files here:

I am in the process of transferring more channeled events, so check back often to see what new files I’ve posted. And thank you to the upwards of 50,000 people who visit my site each month!


About marinamichaels

Clear and compassionate psychic, excellent writer, top-notch mother, card-carrying genius, humble and modest to boot. What else can I say? Loving everything without losing sight of reality.
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