A Decommissioning Prayer

I recently watched The Caine Mutiny, a classic film released in 1954, for the first time. It was far better than I expected. If you have not already seen it, I highly recommend it.

At the end of the movie, the character through whose eyes we have seen the story unfold takes a destroyer out to sea from San Francisco. You briefly see the flags the ship is flying, which led me to search for (and eventually find) the meanings of the flags.

Long story short, it turns out the destroyer was “played by”  the USS Richard B. Anderson (DD 786). My thanks to the wonderfully helpful people at flagspot.net!

While following up one of the links I was given, I found a decommissioning prayer for the USS Richard B. Anderson, which I found interesting and which touched my heart. I thought others might be interested in the prayer as well.


About marinamichaels

Clear and compassionate psychic, excellent writer, empathetic mother, card-carrying genius, humble and modest to boot. What else can I say? To me, loving everyone and everything without losing sight of reality is vital.
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