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The FURminator Really Works

I came across several Web sites that recommended a grooming aid for cats and dogs called the FURminator. I was skeptical at first, but our cats really needed something and nothing we’ve tried before has been of much use. Rakes, brushes, … Continue reading

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Autism and Vaccinations

About 14 years ago, I had a vivid dream in which I visited a woman I had recently met on the Internet. I saw her teaching an entire classroom full of autistic children. The classroom, however, had only two partial … Continue reading

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Tarring With the Same Brush

That’s an expression meaning to denigrate two separate, different things as though they were one and the same. It is an insidious logical fallacy, and unfortunately one that slips under many people’s radars. Two things that are so tarred by many … Continue reading

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What Modern Poetry Is–And Isn’t

I love poetry as much as anybody. More than some, I am sure, though of course certainly less than others. I’ve studied it, written it, even been praised by a respected poet as having “it.” So I think I have … Continue reading

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Ways to Help Animals

Abbie, a commenter on a previous post, asked how to help animals. We all have so many choices! I am going to list as many as I can think of right now; if you have more to add, please post them as … Continue reading

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A No-Cage, No-Kill Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Center

If you haven’t already found it, please visit the Cat House on the Kings. Especially, be sure to view their video. This is a very worthy endeavour. Consider donating to them!

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