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Free and Easy Environmental Help

Freecycling–a great way to reuse stuff. Continue reading

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George Washington’s Farewell Address

When George Washington decided to not run for office again, he wrote a farewell address in which he urged people to be wary of threats to their peace and liberty. He was remarkably prescient in warning against special interest groups … Continue reading

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Help Soldiers in Iraq

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t support our soldiers in Iraq, no matter what their opinion is of the war itself. Here is one way you can help our soldiers: Project Boresnake.

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Cake Humor

I stumbled across these two Web sites and ended up laughing harder and harder as I perused them. Enjoy!

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RFID-Blocking Wallets and Passport Holders

Newer passports and an increasing number of driver’s licenses and credit cards have an RFID chip embedded in them. Setting aside some larger concerns about privacy and safety, these chips have data on them that makes it very easy for … Continue reading

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A Failure to Communicate

A number of years ago, I agreed to help a young professional masseur set up his QuickBooks software. In return, he was to give me a number of massages, basically on a time spent exchange. Before I go any further, … Continue reading

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