Sanitation and Safety

A few years back, I took a sanitation and safety course at my local JC. I took it because it was required to take any of the more interesting culinary classes, and I do like to cook. I passed the course with flying colors, a new respect for germs, and greater wariness for restaurants., where I see sanitation violations everywhere. And I am completely not OCD. I am the mom who picked up her daughter’s fallen binky, rinsed it off–maybe–then gave it back to my daughter. Bur what restaurants do? shudder

One of the things I was convinced to get back then was a fingernail brush–a professional quality type–one for every sink in the house. And yes, I use them. While clearing up a stack of papers, I found the instructions for them, along with the Web site where you can get more, and since they are very cheap, and because I am recycling that piece of paper. I wanted to (A) share the information with you and (B) post the information here in case I ever want to find them again.

The brush is an FB001 Fingernail Brush, and it can be gotten at


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