Ways to Save Money #2: Freecycle

This is the second entry in my series on ways to save money. Unlike the first entry, which proposed that you stop subscribing to television service, this one is much easier to do. Join your local freecycle group.

A freecycle group is a group of people who very simply do one of two things: They offer items for free, or they ask for items for free. Because of its nature, although all groups fall under the umbrella of the national Freecycle.org group, each freecycle group has to be local.

I have gotten rid of CD cases, DVD cases, supplements, partially used shampoos, and a host of other things that I might otherwise have had to throw out. Although I rarely am on the asking end, and although I have had much less success getting items I ask for, many people get exactly what they want. I’ve seen people ask for cell phones, computers, and even cars.

No money is to ever change hands, and the freecycle group is not intended to be a source for those who are turning around and selling the items, though there are those who abuse this.

How does it work? After you join your local group,

1.  You have something you want to get rid of and you post an offer of it on the group’s forum.

2.  Someone (or many someones) contact you and arrange to come take it off your hands.

Or, you may want something. In that case,

1.  You post to your local group’s forum asking for that item.

2.  Someone (or several someones) contact you, offering that item to you.

Not only can this save you money, in that you get something for free that you might otherwise have had to pay for, but you are helping keep stuff out of your local landfill, so it is good for the environment as well. Membership is free as well, so give it a whirl!


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