About Dimensions

Why do I call this Web log Messages from the fifth dimension? What is the fifth dimension?

The reason I call this “Messages from fifth dimension” is that I believe our world is undergoing a shift in consciousness/energy/vibration that is shifting many of us into the fifth dimension. The entities I channel have been talking about this shift for pretty much as long as I have been channeling. I believe they (those entities) exist  beyond the fifth dimension, and they are preparing us for the shift into the fifth dimension so we won’t be too shocked or overwhelmed.

What is the Fifth Dimension?

What is the fifth dimension? I’m going to build up to it step by step, dimension by dimension. It might help to take a piece of paper and draw as you read.

Put a point on a piece of paper. That point represents no dimensions.

Now put another pint on the paper and draw a line between the two points. That line represents the first dimension, or a one-dimensional place. It has length but no width or height or time. However, it does, theoretically at least, contain an infinite number of points, or an infinite number of no dimensions, but only exists as a single one dimension.

Now cross that first line with a second line. Now you have a plane. The plane has length and width, but no height. (The sheet of paper itself represents a plane, though it has a thickness, however thin.) This represents the second dimension. It has an infinite number of lines and points in it, but only exists as a single second dimension. Someone existing in the second dimension (or in a two-dimensional world) will experience and see all one-dimensional objects as though they exist within their world, but they wouldn’t necessarily be able to perceive their two-dimensional world because they exist within it.

The next part is a little harder to explain. Imagine a line standing up out of the sheet of paper, or just imagine making a cube out of the sheet of paper. You now have a three-dimensional object—it has length, width, and height. This is the dimension we are most familiar with, though we also exist or move through the fourth dimension, which is time. The third dimension contains an infinite number of all previous dimensions, but only exists as a single third dimension.

Time is a Dimension Too

I mentioned time as the fourth dimension. Time is a little trickier because we aren’t very used to thinking of it as a dimension. We are used to thinking that when a moment has passed, it is gone forever, instead of realizing that that moment, and all others, still exist—just out of our third-dimensional sight. I believe that time could be said to contain an infinite number of third dimensions. Take your cube of paper and swish it through the air in front of you. Where you started was one point in time, and where you ended was another. The cube existed along that entire range of time, and you perceived it as it moved through space, but you only perceived one point-in-time version of the cube at any given time, even though from another point of view, it existed and still exists in those times.

In other words, a dimension that is one or more higher or larger than the previous dimensions will contain an infinite number of those previous dimensions within it. But an inhabitant of any given dimension, by nature of living within that dimension, will not perceive objects from a higher dimension except in a possibly distorted way. As higher-dimensional objects and beings try to come through into that lower dimension, an inhabitant of a given dimension will only perceive their own dimension’s qualities of objects or beings from higher dimension. If a 10th-dimensional being were to come visit us in our dimension, we would only see their third-/fourth dimensional attributes, not anything higher.

The next dimension “up” from time, the fourth dimension, is the fifth dimension. Carrying the analogy forward, we can say that the fifth dimension contains another “direction” or element or quality that we in the third dimension can’t quite grasp, but we can imagine an analogy of it. In the fifth dimension, we are outside the fourth, third, second, first, and no dimensions. We will perceive them as being within our dimension. That means that we will no longe see ourselves as living within a third-dimensional world.

It also means that, since there are an infinite number of the lower dimensions in our fifth dimension, there are an infinite number of Earths and times.

Take your cube and make a few more (and imagine you have an infinite number of them). Place them in front of you and image that they are all simultaneously moving through space as well. The first cube represents our experience of our third-dimensional world, and each of those cubes represents different versions of our third-dimensional world. Yet notice that, since we are in the fifth dimension now, we are outside those places and times. They are still part of our world, but we are now outside them.

The Dimensional Shift—A Shift in Consciousness

That is what the dimensional shift will be like. Our consciousness will be focused in the fifth dimension, and we will be able to perceive all tim and space–in fact, all times and all spaces—from our perspective. I believe that we will be able to visit any of those infinite numbers of times and spaces as well, just like a person walking down a street can drop into any shop they fancy.

There are more dimensions beyond the fifth—some say, including the ancient philosophers, that there are ten total. Others say there are a definite number more. Other still say there is an infinite number of dimensions. I believe that in one very true way we already exist on in all dimensions, however many there are.

I think that the aferlife is either the fifth dimension or is very similar to it.  In a number of the psychic readings I have given, I have communicated with people who have died (that is, they have died from the third-dimensional point of view; their spirits are still quit alive). The place they are at is pretty wonderful. I have seen taverns where the beer is always perfect, and I have seen vast golf courses. In short, the inhabitants of the afterlife world can experience themselves as anything they wish, and they can go to any place they feel like—with an emphasis on “feel,” for in a very important way, how you are thinking and feeling–your mood and mindset—affect what experience of the afterlife world. If you are in a certain mood, then the world around you will reflect that—or perhaps you go where the world matches your mood. I think a lot of people who have died are not going to come back to this dimension any longer, but will continue their spiritual growth from where they are in the fifth dimension.

Knowing and understanding more about what to expect will help prepare you for when the change actually happens. I can only use analogies to explain what I see beyond the third dimension, but even an idea of what it is going to be like will help you move more freely and easily into your new, broader existence.


5 Responses to About Dimensions

  1. Gemma says:

    You need to be more discerning about the entities you channel, and you need to completely dismantle your belief system if you want to receive accurate information via channelling or via other means.

  2. It isn’t clear to me whether you specifically mean me, Marina, when you say “you,” or whether you are using the general application of that word to mean anyone/everyone. Or whether you are simply a troll. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are not a troll; any further replies on your part will certainly show which it is.

    In any case, whether you mean me specifically or people in general, most people would receive your advice more readily if it were preceded by questions rather than assumptions.

    Let’s take a look at your statement. You are saying that I am neither discerning enough to channel the entities you apparently would approve of, nor open-minded enough to get accurate information. (A kinder interpretation of your statement; you actually say my entire belief system is wrong in relation to any accurate representation of reality.)

    Whenever someone makes statements like this that are based on broad general assumptions made without asking me questions, I feel like a bystander to a conversation the speaker is having with themselves. Such speakers might be watching a very interesting movie playing in their head, but the real me is certainly not anywhere in the picture; instead, the speakers have substituted some idea they have about me and are using that as a straw man for their arguments.

    I prefer to have conversations that involve an exchange of information and that include respect rather than dismissiveness. Would you like to take another run at it?

  3. Jon says:

    I’d say that is one of the biggest problems with the world today. People trust there own thought processes more than others. They limit themselves to there own perceptions of reality. I prefer to defy that as much as I can by paying attention to peoples behavior more and trying to be empathetic. Either way I find a great interest in this subject.

  4. Tony G says:

    I read the book (the gaia project) and it explains the exact things i read on thid page and i am open to this ascension, i hope it happens , but wouldent we be feeling something? Feeling the effects of a shift of consciousness? Were soposed to be in the 4th dimension right well we should be feeling different

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