About Marina

I’ve been exploring the edges of reality for my entire life. Lifetimes, really. I’m a psychic, a writer, and a mother, and I enjoy and appreciate life and this wonderful world tremendously.

If I were to summarize my philosophy in a nutshell, it is that Love is the most important and powerful thing in all the multiverses; we each individually and collectively create the realities we live within; we are eternal spirits eternally evolving; and there is both good and evil, but good will always triumph, because evil is, ultimately, self-defeating.

I treat pretty much everyone and everything with respect for the animating spirit that lives within. That includes inanimate objects, which I believe also are composed of spirit, and are therefore alive and can be communicated with.

In this Web log, I share my thoughts on just about anything—mostly essays on this and that, where I think I have something to say that is worth reading. Sometimes I’ll share communications I’ve received from spirits, and occasionally I’ll post a shopping tip—great products, great prices, that kind of thing. 🙂

Although new to WordPress, this Web log has a long history on various hosts. For the earlier incarnation of this Web log (i.e., for older posts, still well worth reading), see Messages from the fifth dimension. For my main Web site, see The Lighthouse Online; it has been up since 1994.

Oh, and here is my personality DNA:

My Personal DNA Report


11 Responses to About Marina

  1. Romano says:

    hi Marina
    hope you’re good & well? did not hear from you for quite some time. was thinking about calling you up but in the phone book are 3 Marina Michaels…
    and i didn’t know what to expect. never wanna disturb anyone. very mixed up feelings with that.
    whenever you have the time, i would enjoy to hear from you. kind regards

  2. Kate says:

    In your comparison of types of cat litter you mention that the corn-based litter is not organic. I surely wish it was! I notice my cat friends have to lick a lot of corn dust off their feet, tails and butts!

    I do not see anything about the wheat-based litters being organic, so my guess is that they’re not. Would it be safer than the corn anyway?

    • Hi Kate!
      In my article on alternatives to clumping clay kitty litters, I mention the fact that the corn litter is not organic because it is of a big concern to a lot of people. I doubt the wheat litter is organic either, so it is a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils, or finding a third alternative. As litters go, both are excellent substitutions for the clumping clay kitty litters and are certainly pose far less danger for damage or death to your cats than the clumping clay litters.

      A long time ago, my favorite kitty litter (Litter Green) was made from small alfalfa pellets, and it worked beautifully. If you wish, you could go to a local feed store and buy a bag to try as litter. However, alfalfa poses a danger to cat’s health. I never had any problems with it myself when I was using Litter Green, though perhaps that product had been treated in such a way to make it harmless.

  3. Alkekange says:

    Dear Marina,
    I would like to have images or precise information of the exact place of Osireon where you photographed “Flowers of Life”. Otherwise it is not credible for my friends Egyptologists…
    Thank you, all the same, for the magnificent love which you feel for all the beings and the world wonders.


    • Allekange,

      Your wish is my command. I have updated the page (here: http://thelighthouseonline.com/articles/osireon.html) by providing links to more photos. Access to the Osireon is very limited, so there aren’t many places one can stand and take pictures of the column with the flower of life. In the first photo (labeled Flooding in Osireon), you can see metal stairs. If my memory serves, I was standing on those stairs when I took the pictures of that column. With the access ramp to one’s back, the column I was taking photos of is to the right of those stairs. (Not the immediate right, though. I recall having to lean a bit.)

  4. Alkekange says:


    I thank you infinitely for your kind answer. So thus, this really exist? I would have wanted that you indicate to me on a plan of Osireon where exactly is the flower of life with the Greek text (Theos Nylos), for example. It is not a column that we see, but a wall !

    You wrote :

    “In fact, it was quite common for Egyptian pharaohs to stake their claim to earlier works and to write their names all over a building that was not constructed by them. The practice was so common that Ramses II, Seti I’s son (and step-brother to Moses,…. “.

    For the period of Moses you make a mistake terribly. In fact, Mw Sa ( Son of water ) left Egypt at the time of Akhenaton, the admirer of Aton (Adon or Adonaï in Hebrew). Or maybe before, at the time of Amenophis III, his father… Precision on my site (in French):

    Http: // http://www.lesceauetlessignes-jmmandavy.fr/tout/ page01e.html (in the text of the beginning of the page).

    You should not undergo the influence of the film of Cecil B. de Mille ” Ten Commands “, even if it is and will always stay, one of the best Hollywood productions!

  5. Alkekange says:

    Very well! I saw the photos of your links. Thank you very much. They are more convincing for the Egyptologists. But it is about a wall apparently, all the same, not about a column – it would BE ENORMOUS!


    • It is, in fact, a column, not a wall. My photos are closeups. The columns are quite wide–perhaps four or even five feet, if my memory serves. I will see if I can find a plan view of the Osireon so I can mark where the column is.

  6. Alkekange says:

    Since December 19th, my ordi died! I have just seen your e-mail in the library of Béziers.
    OK, I became aware that it is a big column, and on an image I was able to see where was the ” flower of life “.
    On the other hand, I am anxious to apologize for the dating of the Exodus of the Hebrew: it is in the time of Merenptah, 13th son of Ramsés II that it are crossed(spent) these events, although it is Ramsés II who lived during the childhood and a big part of the adulthood of Moses. Then he died, leaving the place to a heir before Merenptah, then Merenptah became the Pharaoh titular. A stele tells its victory on several peoples who assaulted Egypt by 1207 BC.
    Goodbye, with more documentations!

    How to send you pictures in THIS site ???


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