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A Turkey Visitor Provides Food for Thought

When animals come to call, what messages are they bringing? A recent visit from a turkey provides food for thought. Continue reading

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The Simply True Show

I recently designed and edited Ingrid Katal’s book, What is Your Honor Code? Ingrid is starting a talk show soon, called “The Simply True Show.” This show is connected with Oprah, so many people will see her and her book, … Continue reading

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On Dreams

I just woke up from a rather horrible set of dreams. I believe that all dreams are real in some regard. I do not believe that they are things concocted by our own brains solely for our own use; if … Continue reading

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What to do with Reality

In the early 1980s, I started reading a series of books by Jane Roberts. Much like me, Jane Roberts was a highly gifted and clear channeler, though she was a trance channel while I am a conscious channel, and she … Continue reading

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